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Pink Flamingos screening as part of Revelation Film Festival - Gay Perth LiveJournal

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July 15th, 2007

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06:31 pm - Pink Flamingos screening as part of Revelation Film Festival
Pink Flamingos

Fri 20 July, 11pm lateshow

($15 full, $12 concession)

Dir: John Waters
Country: USA
Year: 1972
Duration: 93 mins

For its initial movie Pink Flamingos (1973) was originally given an ‘X’ rating in Australia, banning the film from general release. Eventually reclassified to ‘R’, it went on to do great business as it had everywhere else. Screening for seasons that lasted 45 and 50 weeks at a time, Pink Flamingos was one of the original “Midnight Movies”. Rev is delighted to continue this tradition with Pink Flamingos selected in its late show line up.

Made for $12,000, Pink Flamingos is about two families - the Marbles and the Johnsons - competing for the title of the ‘filthiest people alive’. Most (in)famous for its ‘doggy doo’ coprophilia scene, Pink Flamingos was a hit around the world grossing in excess of $10 million dollars. Waters cast his friends in the outrageous “swinger” and “redneck” roles, including his muse, drag queen “Divine”. Together they made nine films up until Divine’s untimely death in 1988.

Without Pink Flamingos cinema would be a barren landscape. Almost certainly there would no Farrelly Brothers films, no American Pie movies nor Jackass. In its 10th year, Rev is honoured to pay tribute to this great film. Seriously.

“I would never be able to do a sequel to Pink Flaminigos because it would have to end with Divine taking a shit and the dog eating it.”
- John Waters, director, Pink Flamingos

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